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Excellent production management team Perfect management system
Under the general manager's excellent enterprise management concept, the excellent professional team has been created, the team spirit and the brand of the East prospect have been created. Always adhere to the strict requirements of the ISO9001-2008 management system, the implementation of the system, product quality has a fundamental guarantee.
Excellent production environment and production equipment


Absolute environmental protection
The company to "integrity is the" philosophy, to win the trust of customers, customer satisfaction as the focus. The use of new environmentally friendly materials to ensure quality, to ensure green environmental protection, to ensure that products comply fully with the RoHS/GP environmental standards
Good service and fast delivery guarantee:
Any business negotiations, engineering proofing, order processing, delivery, finance, customs and after-sales service all completed in Shenzhen, to provide customers with quick response service. Equipped with first-class logistics and service team, own logistics team, can timely and smoothly complete product delivery, provide timely and thoughtful after-sales service. Delivery cycle: normal delivery date is 7-10 days, emergency delivery is 7 days
Excellent production process
The company has a number of excellent molding, production and production of specialized personnel, and constantly optimize the production process, to ensure the quality of production. Strengthen internal training
Strict quality control
Company to "quality is life" as the concept, the company has specialized in the production of electronic wires, plugs, power lines of quality testing equipment and comprehensive, systematic testing control system. Product quality is stable.
Step into the East

Halogen-free Wire


Company relies on advanced production equipment, highly professional technical support and good service system, modern flow & management team, perfect system and excellent staff wholeheartedly provide customers with fast, high quality and accurate products and services.

Our company has advanced electrical wiring, plastic injection molding and other integrated production equipment to meet the customers' various needs.

Power line: four machines, three machines, two machines, two automatic wire cutting machines.

Insert head: 20 machine, 22 machine, 4 automatic terminals, 10 terminals.

Wire harness: automatic cutting machine 13, skinning machine 8, terminal 5

The company has fully introduced green and environmental protection products, all products can comply with eu RoHS environmental directive requirements; The products have been certified by SAA, CCC, VDE, UL and iso 9001:2008 environmental quality system certification.

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